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Socks – booties knitting needles, Knitting for children

Socks - booties knitting

The most important people in our life are our children. We look forward to the birth of the baby. We prepare for it the best, natural, soft, warm … I offer a description of bootees. The description is calculated on the size of 0-3 months. But all the kids are different.

Increasing the thickness of the yarn and the size of the needles will result in a larger size of the bootees.

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Booties for newborns

Knit booties for the little ones

Yarn: For winter booties, it is better to take 100% merino or other natural yarn with a low content of synthetic fibers. It is important that the yarn is not
injected After all, the skin of babies is very sensitive.

For summer bootees a good option is cotton with cashmere. Thickness of a yarn 300-350м. / 100гр. It will take 20-30gr. yarn. Spokes number 3.5, additional needle for braids, needle with a wide eyelet.

Description from Marina Grechman can be downloaded here.

How to download the description:

how to download the description on raverly


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