My Petula: A Love Story

Not gonna lie: I didn’t join a knitalong. I didn’t share or care. I just grabbed an unedited pattern, mooched some yarn, and knit myself a sweater without a word to anybody or anything.

It was so so so so so so so fun.

I can’t even tell you when I was making this—was I Banging Out two sweaters at the same time? It was all a blur of lambswool and joy.

The pattern? Isabell Kraemer’s brand-new Petula Pullover, one of the highlights of our brand-new MDK Field Guide No. 10: Downtown.

The yarn: Jill Draper’s Mohonk, that woolly yarn that we’ve just stacked up in the MDK Shop. This is the original version in Dove and Barnsides.

My colors: Charred Coal and Bering for the yoke.

In no court of law would these sleeves be judged to match. I love this so much.

The start of each skein was the beginning of a whole new adventure. The saturation level reflects exactly what happened back in Jill Draper’s dye pot. How saturated or not the color depends on where it lands in the dyepot. Again, I love this so much.

I know a lot of knitters work with this sort of hand-dyed yarns by knitting with two skeins, alternating rounds from one skein to the other. I didn’t do that. And I didn’t ease the transition from old skein to new by alternating a few rows with the new yarn. I guess I wanted to let it spool out exactly as it was dyed. Imperfection is something I think about a lot these days, and I frankly crave it.

Each skein had its own drama. The skein above had superdark moments that had me anticipating each round as if I were working with crazy-clown variegated color. Is it time for Superdark? Back to Paleygray? The drama of it all.

Please do not tell me I need to get out more—while making this sweater, all I wanted to do was to make this sweater. I haven’t been so compelled by a yarn in a long time.

Needless to say, I’m already scheming another Petula. Some of the colors in the Shop are totally springfest colorwow. This next one will be very, very different. And I’m going to fish out the most varied, color-shifting skeins I can find. Knitting with Mohonk is like binge watching a TV series, only with yarn.

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