Beautiful dress for girls knitting, free description, Knitting for children

Beautiful sundress for girls knitting, free description

Dress for 1-2 years.
Length – 37 cm. Width on the bottom – 29.5 cm. Width of the coquette – 19 cm.

For knitting a sundress, we need:

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Sundresses for girls

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  • Yarn: BBB Full (90m / 50g) – 4 skeins.
  • Knitting needles: circular number 4,5.
  • 2 buttons.
  • Knitting needle.

The density of knitting satin: 10 cm x 10 cm = 20.5 p x 27 p.


  • Facial smoothness.
  • Gum 2×2.
  • Pattern “Waffle” (puffs)

Pattern pouf, scheme and description:

Beautiful sundress for girls knitting, free description

On the circular needles dial 120 loops, close the knitting into a circle, place a marker – the mark of the beginning of the row.
Knit an elastic band 2×2 12 rows (4cm). Then go to the front surface, knit 22 cm.
After that, knit 10-11cm pattern with tucks, ending with 2 or 6.
Close the loop with a needle knit stitch.

Pattern sundress:

Beautiful sundress for girls knitting, free description

For the straps, dial 8 loops, knit with a rubber band — 1krom., 2 out. 2 persons., 2 out., 1krom. (this is the front side).
Knit further on the pattern, 20 cm. On the front side, make a buttonhole loop. Then knit 4 more rows.
In the next three rows, close one loop on both sides (at the beginning of the row, two loops with an inclination to the left, at the end – to the right).
Close 4 loops. Run the second strap.
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