The Search for Perfect Buttons

Dear Ann,

Here’s a thing I do.

I knit a cardigan.

It has a buttonband and buttonholes.

I say to myself, “This cardigan is amazing. It deserves amazing buttons!”

I might already own the Amazing Buttons, but be unable to find them.

I will find them the next time I am looking for ribbons, matches, or dressmaker’s chalk. But I can’t find them now.

I have stuff to do so I can’t get to the Big Store With All the Buttons.

On my way somewhere else, I drop by the Big Store With All the Buttons, but I don’t have the sweater with me, and I’m afraid to pick buttons without the sweater right there.

I locate some buttons in my house in the drawer where the votive candles are that work size-wise but they are not Amazing Buttons, or they are OK, but I only have 6 and I need 7.

I go to my LYS, which has a selection of buttons, but they are not Amazing Buttons.

I fold up the cardigan and put it in a drawer to await its buttons.

I never wear the cardigan.


This time, I knew I wanted to post a triumphant picture of my finished Calligraphy Cardigan in Rowan Denim, with buttons on it. I wanted to post it today.

I went to my LYS, where they did not have the blue plastic buttons I was looking for.

I wanted plastic because although shell buttons are my go-to and absolute fave, they do not stand up well to the frequent machine washing and drying treatment that I give my Rowan Denim garments.

The LYS had grayish-white plastic buttons in the correct size.

I thought to myself, these will be fine as Temporary Buttons.

I thought this to myself even though I know that I am more likely to discover the cure for a major disease than I am ever to replace buttons on a cardigan.

I bought the grayish-white plastic buttons.

When I couldn’t find matching thread in my house (WHAT? true story), I went with the only color of Button Craft Thread I had.

I sewed on the buttons while talking to you on the phone.

They look great.

Here’s me wearing my cardigan.

Which has buttons.

The end.



P.S. I win the Mom Face competition, forever.

P.P.S. It is not the season for my white jeans but I am going to rock this cardigan with the white jeans and a Breton tee this summer. Nautical!

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