MDK March Mayhem 2019: The Bracket

With our enthusiasm dialed up to 11, we present MDK March Mayhem 2019.

The tournament of patterns.

The world’s only bracket for knitters. Which, really, is the only bracket anybody needs, right?

Throughout 2018, we have been scouring the internet in search of the most amazing patterns we could find. Our task was daunting: we had to choose only 64 from the thousands of patterns published during the past year.

Our hearty congratulations to all the designers whose patterns appear in the MDK March Mayhem bracket. We are slack-jawed in awe at your work, and grateful for all the beauty, challenge, and fun you bring to knitters.

The Categories

There are four: Pullovers, Cardigans, Neck & Shoulders, and Head & Hands. Though the patterns settled themselves into familiar categories, in our upcoming category previews you’ll see the trends and inventiveness that made these patterns of 2018 stand out.

The voting begins next Thursday, March 21.

We are announcing the bracket now so that you can really spend time with these patterns.

We are really proud of this superfancy bracket. Be sure to click on each pattern name, which opens up our thoughts on each pattern, a link to the Ravelry pattern page, and yarn ideas from the MDK Shop. It’s a great chance to think about how these clever designers do what they do. And it may give you some insight into why you like to knit what you knit.

Our Criteria

What does it take to land in MDK March Mayhem?

  • Published in 2018.
  • Available directly from the designer via Ravelry or the designer’s website.
  • Not free. We’re trying to help designers flourish.
  • Aesthetic considerations: Inventive, surprising, elegant, cool.
  • Most of all, and it’s the thing that is most difficult to explain: knittability. We asked ourselves, a thousand times, “Do I want to knit that?” For a design to be included, it has to be something we are dying to make. Every one of these 64 patterns meets that standard.

When you look at the list of designers included in this group of 64, you will see familiar names and new ones. Reputation and length of time in the knitting world are not factors for us. It’s all about the pattern. You will see more BIPOC designers in this bracket than in years past. MDK readers and the #diversknitty hashtag led us to exciting work by designers we hadn’t seen before. We’re very grateful.

A special thank you to all the readers who responded to our call for nominations. You showed us loads of beautiful patterns, some of which we hadn’t yet seen. Your love for your favorite designers is contagious.

As you spend time with these patterns, we encourage you to buy them, favorite them, queue them, and tell your friends and followers about them. We would love nothing more than to have designers discover heaps of new customers in their Ravelry accounts. We would love to see all these designs knitted a million times. This is a celebration, and there’s so much to celebrate.

The Vote

There will be five rounds of voting, each round taking the top vote-getters to the next round.

Voting begins on Thursday, March 21 with Round 1, where you will choose your eight favorite patterns from each of four categories. Subsequent rounds will require voting again, so be sure to keep up with the voting dates for each round.

As in Mayhems past, we’re using Survey Monkey. He is robust, and he worked well last year.

The last round, the Big Four, will put the four category winners up against each other to determine the Champion of MDK March Mayhem 2019. The champion will be announced on  Tuesday, April 9.

Let the browsing begin—and be ready to cast your first votes on Thursday, March 21.

We are dying of curiosity to see which pattern prevails.

A Paper Bracket

As we did last year, we have cooked up a PDF of the bracket that you can download and print out.

Here’s the MDK March Mayhem 2019 printable bracket.

Print out a bunch for your knitting group. Make your picks and keep track of how they’re doing, just like the sportsball fans do. We do not condone wagering. But we do condone heartfelt opinion!

Congratulations to the designers. Now let’s all dive in and start to make some tough decisions.

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