MDK March Mayhem 2019: Head and Hands

The extremities! Heads and hands! This is the category where whimsy and color abound.

Dive in by clicking each pattern name to see more details over at Ravelry.

Remember that Round 1 voting for MDK March Mayhem begins on Thursday, March 21.

Here is the MDK March Mayhem bracket, so you can get the full view of all four categories.

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Here, listed in alphabetical order by designer’s last name, are 16 designs that are all winners, as far as we can tell.

Tredje by Irina Anikeeva. Elegantly long mitts with off-center cables crisscrossing below the thumb gusset. Wear these to the opera or something.

Spigato by Barbara Benson. The fancy trick of using slipped stitches to imitate two-color stranded knitting, in a geometric pattern that looks woven.

Clever Chevy by Wendy Bernard. Chevron stripes are such a great solution for fantasy skeins of hand-dyed yarn. Look ma no pooling!

Tamitik by Shannon Cook. Long slipped stitches make textured stripes in bulky yarn. You barely get started and it’s time to make a giant pom pom.

Einar by Ella Gordon. A small motif with an ancient look, seeded palms for practicality (no floats to catch when you put them on).

Ephemeris by Hunter Hammersen. Every knitter who sees it will want to know how the diamond stitch works. This is reason enough to knit it, but it’s also a perfect hat.

Pom Cubed by Fatimah Hinds. High contrast, high drama, fun texture, irresistible hat.

Dottie by JennyPenny. As modern a design as it gets, laid onto a traditional shape. Really juicy and psychedelic.

Happy Glamper by Keri Malley. An Airstream trailer sends us sliding giddily down the slippery slope of picture knits. Too dang cute.

Pheasant Plucker by Anna Maltz. The marlisle technique will be a feather in your very pretty cap.

Downy by Bonnie Sennott. The bitty scale of the colorwork is entrancing. Who knew the downy woodpecker had such dash?

Berrit by Katrin Shubert. We’ve never seen anything like the tattersall fabric of this dashing beret. Accordion pleats that combine brioche and garter stitch.

Snap by Tin Can Knits. A simple and genius way to use up short bits of leftovers and look like you did it on purpose.

Magnolia by Camilla Vad. Bobbles at their most refined. Sometimes a hat needs to be a quiet hat.

Lion, Badger, Eagle, Snake by Dianna Walla. A stunning collection of themed mittens.

Rhinebeck Hat by Woolly Wormhead. The improbable trick of knitting a hat flat never gets old. Rippling forms converge into a tidy crown.

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