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Postcards from Edinburgh Yarn Festival

Dear Ann,

What a time we had!

This past weekend was my first time at Edinburgh Yarn Festival. One time was all it took to add this one to my list of Knitting Pilgrimage Holidays. If I can get there again, I will get there again. Yes, it’s a long journey from New York to Scotland, but I got to knit the whole way.

Up top is a slide show/gallery of the whirl of EYF. It includes shots of The Big Knit Night, a full-house event in the marquee (that’s British for “huge wedding tent”). We were honored, thrilled and downright giddy to host a combination Quiz Night/Non-Fashion Show Fashion Show for a generous, game crowd of knitters from all over. We pinned a lot of rosettes on a lot of beautiful handknits, and tested our knowledge of sheep and knitting in the news.

We want to thank Jill Draper and Jen and Jim Arnall-Culliford for generously hosting signings of MDK Field Guides in their booths in the marketplace, and Isabell Kraemer, the designer of MDK Field Guide No. 10, for being the gracious star that she is. It was so fun to see Isabell’s fans turn out to greet her, some of them meeting her for the first time.

Unforgettable moments that we failed to capture on our phones: our meeting with dazzling designer Jeanette Sloan, and my first-ever slice of Victoria sponge with buttercream in the middle.

Scotland does cake so, so well. The knees go weak!

Unforgettable moment that was perhaps over-documented: that time I held an eagle-owl on the Royal Mile. Thank you, thank you, Cecilia Nelson-Hurt, for introducing me to Guinevere. After watching you do it, I wasn’t even afraid.

Jo and Mica: you put on a fabulous festival, soulful and bighearted, that elevates the knitting community. Thank you so much.



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