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Hat and leggings for girls knitting. Work Olga, Knitting for children

Hat and leggings for girls knitting. Work Olga knitting and knitting scheme

Easy spring set for girls.
Spring set for girls 5-7 years old – a hat with perky pompons and leggings.
Gaiters look good with boots and half boots.
White color in combination with pompoms in pink colors will always give a good mood to your child.
The set is knitted of “Children's novelty” yarn. Yarn is a special acrylic, which is distinguished by its special softness and hypoallergenic properties due to PAN fibers. Products from this yarn are easy to wash and dry quickly.

Hat and leggings for girls knitting. Work Olga knitting and knitting scheme
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Fishnet Hats for Girls

22 models for girls only

Gaiters, description

Gaiters are connected in a circle (without a seam). We collect the number of loops on the knitting needles equal to the leg girth in the ankle, we knit with an elastic band 1×1 4-5 cm. Next, knit the face with a satin stitch, on the side of the braid 5X5 . If necessary, make the addition of loops. So knit the required height of minus 4-5 cm. These 4-5 cm knit with 1×1 elastic band. Close the loop.

Cap, job description

For knitting hats to gain the number of loops, equal to the height of the lapel. Knit as follows: 6 individuals. (these loops and on the wrong side are knitted with facial ones), 4 ws., 5×5 spit, 4 ws., 6 persons (on the wrong side, also, we knit with facial ones). The length of the knit cuff on the circumference of the head.
Linking the desired length, close the loop.
On the long edge of the rim we collect loops and knit with the front satin surface the height of the cap (20 cm). In the next row we knit 2 together with the front one, put on the caps – so we repeat to the end of the row. There will be holes where later we put the laces. After a row with holes, we knit another 4 cm of the face and smoothly close the hinges. We sew the top of the cap. We knit the cord (you can crochet; here it is knitted with needles), insert it into the holes and tighten the cap.
Decorate the hat with three bright pompoms.


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