My Isabell Knitalong – Mason-Dixon Knitting

Dear Ann,

I’m a stickler. (In some things. As you know, I’m loosey goosey about other things, mainly things I only learned about after my neural pathways calcified, such as how many spaces go after a period in the post-Selectric typewriter era.)

But back to being a stickler: I like to start working on my knitalong projects on Rope Drop Day, and not a minute before. It feels more festive somehow.

I didn’t do that with my Bottom Line Pullover. I’ve been working on it for three weeks and am nearly down to the bottom line of it.

I wanted to line up with all the other knitalongers and start a fresh project yesterday, and quite frankly I didn’t want it to be another sweater on Size 2 needles. Let me finish this one first!

The Solution: Starting Holiday Gift Pile 2019

Looking around the drifts of yarn in my abode, I seized my sample skein of Jill Draper’s newest yarn, the tweedilicious Kingston, in the shade Elmendorf, a color that is purple and not-purple—at the same time. Jill is an alchemist!

This yarn traveled to Edinburgh and back last month, in case i needed a backup project. I thought I might finish my Bottom Line Pullover in one week. Isn’t that hilarious?

After a quick and dirty Kay-style provisional cast-on in waste yarn, I am happily knitting along on the larger of the two sizes of Isabell Kraemer’s X-Factor Cowls.

This sweet neckwarmer pattern is easy, it’s memorizable, it’s a little bit different, and it will be an FO before sundown tomorrow, just from knitting on it while talking to you on the phone.

And then I get to make the drawstring cord that adds the extra something-something to this accessory.

Kitchenaid or Loome Tool?

I don’t want to commit myself too early, but I might forego the hand-mixer method of getting the twisted cord twisty enough. As fun as our sample knitters made that sound, you were not kidding when you said there was a risk of ending up with a meringue. Just a glimpse of the hand mixer in the back of a kitchen drawer gives me a powerful urge to whip a bowl of cream and call it lunch.

I’m considering: using my trusty Loome Tool and this handy video, and making my cord that way.

So far, so good, and it’s fun to do.

Stay tuned: this kind of decision making is the stuff of legendary knitalongs.

Here’s wishing everyone a fantastic time in the Great Isabell Knitalong!



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