How to Make Soft Stitch Markers

Happy Friday, dear readers. We avidly follow The Loome’s Instagram stories for a daily dose of sunshiney pom poms, tassels, and other happiness-givers that a person with a Loome Tool can make. Recently, Vilasinee Bunnag used her Loome Tool to turn out lovely little rings of cord; she suggested them as friendship gifts for springtime.

That was great, but what we saw in these rings was STITCH MARKERS. Soft, colorful stitch markers made with those precious short lengths of leftover yarn that we can’t bear to toss.

We fired off a note to Vilasinee. Could she teach us how to make them, please?

Readers, she could. Today, in the cheery video up top, Vilasinee shows how simple and fast (2-5 minutes!) it is to make stitch markers (or rings, or bracelets, or cords, really), with the Loome Tool. If you’ve got a Loome Tool and some precious scraps of yarn, you’re all set. If not, we happen to have them in the MDK Shop.

—Ann and Kay

Next time you need a quick, personal gift for a knitter, whip up some soft stitch markers.

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Also: want to get more fun out of your Loome Tool? The Loome Tool YouTube channel has snappy how-tos on virtually everything that can be made on a Loome Tool, from pom poms and tassels to cords and miniature weavings.

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