The Mini Skeins of Summer Are Back

By popular demand, just in time for warm weather: Euroflax Mini Skeins are back!

Exclusively available from MDK, each set includes five 65-yard mini skeins of Louet Euroflax linen yarn, in saturated colors selected by a legendary palette-picker, Melanie Falick.

If you’re new to knitting with linen, mini skeins are a great introduction. Linen is the most comfortable fiber to wear and knits up into handknits that are a breeze to care for. (Drying them in the dryer is not only allowed, it’s recommended.)

The Palettes

There are six palettes to choose from, while supplies last.


Santa Fe.

St. Lucia.




It’s glorious color. Linen takes dye like no other fiber, and has a beautiful sheen.

But . . . What to Make?

What can you make with mini skeins? We have suggestions!

Bodhi Leaf Washcloths

Designer Julia Farwell-Clay had Euroflax mini skeins specifically in mind for the Bodhi Leaf Washcloths in Field Guide No. 7: Ease. An elegant gift.

Dangling Conversation

The last time we had mini skeins in the Shop, I made one of the most satisfying knits of my life, the Dangling Conversation Scarf, and gave it away to a friend. I would love to make it again, the same as before. I have never seen a pattern so suited to using up nearly every scrap of a mini skein, with eyelet rows making the color transitions look meant to be. (This crispy, unblocked Dangling Conversation is in the Earth colorway.)

Liminal Tee

MDK’s beloved Nell Ziroli designed Liminal, a striped summer tee that makes the most of Euroflax minis.

Nell’s beautiful tee, with its cleverly engineered transitions, is a perfect summer top. I’m hankering to play with these stripe patterns.

The Classic Linen Knit: Hand Towels

And finally, you can’t go wrong with a good old hand towel color party.

Chevron Stripes Hand Towel is powder-room tested, Kermit approved.

Producing mini skeins is a laborious business, and our supply is not eternally assured. If you’re a true mini skein fan, get ’em while we’ve got ’em, and have a blast knitting with cool, colorful linen.

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