Lazy Sunday: “Housesitting” by William Brewer

Dear Kay,

We live in an age where the rules of Twitter are pretty much the only poetic form that anybody knows anymore.

But even as Twitter sucks out our souls, sometimes it giveth, too. A while ago, I started following Poem-a-Day (@POETSorg) amid the noise. It’s my favorite Tweet to read most days, a link to a poem that you can read and also listen to as poets read their own work.

That’s the dosage of poetry that works for me. It’s like looking at one painting in a museum. Think how hard that painter worked on that one piece. Show the love! Spend time with it!

I’ve written about Poem-a-Day before, when William Brewer appeared with his stunning poem, “Debris.”

(That poem is what led me to order his collection, I Know Your Kind. You’d do yourself a favor to order it.)

Well, on Friday, William Brewer appeared again on Poem-a-Day, this time with “Housesitting.”

It’s so interesting to see it on the page, then to listen. Not the same experience at all—I like seeing the words and their relationship to each other, and the way you read a poem by reading a line, then going back to the top again, scavenging your way through it.

When you hear it, it’s a different poem. Here is William Brewer, reading “Housesitting.”

Today is Mother’s Day—sending love to everybody!



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