Knitting Amigurumi Miniature Bag Making

Knitting Miniature Bag Making
Knitting Miniature Bag Making

Making of knitting miniature bags I hope you've shared it for ladies who like to knit. Miniature Bag If you wish, you can make a large summer bag by increasing the number of stitches and chains.

If you want to make smaller size magnet, keychain or can be used as ornaments for bags.

Amigurumi Babies as an accessory. You can give a surprise to your children by attaching them to a knitted baby's arm or shoulder.

Knitting Miniature Bag Making

Making of knitting miniature bags The material we need for us is rope, crochet, needle and scissors için

Crochet selection should be adjusted according to the thickness of the rope.

If you do not have an amigurumi rope, you can also do it with any medium strength rope.

Knitting Miniature Bag Making
  1. sequence start with 6 frequent pins pulling the chain into or into the magic ring.
  2. Knit a total of 12 frequent needles in 1 row each by double sinking.
  3. fabricate 18 frequent needles in a row of 2 single 1 pairs.
  4. tie a total of 24 frequent needles in a row of 3 single 1 pairs.
  5. tie a total of 30 frequent needles in a row of 4 single 1 pairs.
  6. 30 frequent needles
  7. 30 frequent needles
  8. 30 frequent needles
  9. 30 frequent needles
  10. 30 frequent needles
  11. 30 frequent needles
  12. 30 frequent needles
  13. 30 frequent needles
  14. 30 frequent needles
  15. 30 frequent needles
  16. center the stitches on the sides, and pull the 15 chains for the handle of the bag. Knit the same way on the other side and finish the sequence.
  17. Finish around with sdece frequent needles without increasing or decreasing.

    Knitting Miniature Bag Making

Bag decoration

Knitting Miniature Bag Making

You can decorate our bag the way you want. You can decorate it differently with beads or ribbons.

I made ornament made of small mesh flowers as ornament.

I made triple sheets of trio trabzans pulling into the magic ring or chain.

You can also make different flowers. It would be much nicer if the colors were alive. In the bag making, I prefer the wicker color and you can use different color tones.

The construction of our bag will be made easy for the ladies will come Ç

It is very easy to build, but you can write to the comment section if you have a place.


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