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The Great Isabell Knitalong: The End?

You guys!

The can-do spirit lives!

The mighty knitters in the Great Isabell Knitalong took on a challenge, didn’t blink, and went for it.

Many of us decided to make the Bottom Line Pullover, Isabell Kraemer’s minimalist, light sweater that is a highlight of MDK Field Guide No. 10: Downtown.

It is a beautiful design. It is also a design calling for 95 percent stockinette stitch.

When knit in the round, stockinette stitch means you’re knitting only knit stitches—no purls. It is the most excellent thing to knit while consuming mass quantities of Netflix time, commuting time, waiting room time.

For some of us, all this stockinette meant that we anticipated that one row of eyelets at the hem with uncommon excitement. The Matterhorn! We made it!

I’m still scheduled for a trip to Sleeve Island, but I’m strong for it.

It’s a beautiful sweater, and I am reminded of MDK Rule No. 72: No project is too ambitious if you crave the result enough. I crave! I continue to crave!


We will be sending prizes to some of the intrepid folks who had fun with this knitalong.

We’ll be contacting you all for the details about your prizes. Congratulations!

The Future

We have an incredible summer ahead. A new Field Guide is due to arrive from the printer. Today! It’s Field Guide No. 11, and it’s a beauty! We will launch it next month with all the joy in the world.

I can hardly wait to begin knitting from Field Guide No. 11. Oh wait: I’ve already begun. In fact, I am in the midst of a knitting mania from this upcoming Field Guide that I have never before experienced. Truly amazing! Can’t wait for you to get as hooked on this Field Guide as I am.

The Folks Up Top

Up top are some of the knitters who KALed. Give them all a follow on Instagram!

@dawnhaddox: Indigo Bottom Line Pullover

@mpodleisek: Dark green handspun Bottom Line Pullover

@nellknits Pale blue Petula

@tinydotsfibers: Beginning Petula with pink flower

@amyjometzendorf: Spinach Bottom Line Pullover

@blackyarns: Midnight Blue Petula Pullover

@hdayananda: Vibrant green Bottom Line Pullover

@kagleslie: Dark Bottom Line Pullover

@kgdew: Coral Bottom Line Pullover

@megssnyder5: Baby plus Bottom Line Pullover

@petitestitches: Petula Pullover modeled by the designer herself, Isabell Kraemer

And from the MDK Lounge:

stushaus: Blue Stripey Yoke Petula

suzjennett: Pink Petula

joybiggart: Dark blue Bottom Line Pullover

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