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White crochet dress with ruffles

White crochet dress with ruffles

Published: 05/25/2019.
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White crochet dress with ruffles

Crochet dress for slender women with ruffles

The size: 38
Materials: 3 skeins of Linha Mirella yarn (100% cotton, 1000 meters in a skein), 1.25 mm hook.
Knitting density: 21 loops * 11 rows = 10 * 10 cm.

Back: dial a chain of air loops 32 cm long.
Knit pattern on the pattern A.
At a height of 19 cm. Perform additions of 3 cm.

Before: Start each strap separately by adding neck loops according to the pattern.
Knit according to scheme A.

Skirt: to knit in a circle back stitches and before the pattern 2.
Over the next 10 cm, see 2 loops on each side.
Then add one loop on each side every 6 cm.
Finish hem picot trim.

Next, run ruffles as in the photo.

White crochet dress with ruffles, scheme:

White crochet dress with ruffles

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